Teppichklebeband doppelseitig 3M 9191

Teppichklebeband doppelseitig 3M 9191

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Carpet laying tape   50mm L: 25m

up to 60 ° C, for inside, white, not plasticizer resistant, 0.26mm

Laying tape with excellent adhesive properties. For fixing room carpets and carpet tiles.

Versatile adhesive tapes, can be used in industry, in the advertising and decoration sector, eg as an assembly aid, for holding, attaching or endlessly making various materials such as metal, plastic, paper, etc.

Important: Except for flooring, these tapes are not for permanent use
Carrier: Cellulose fabric
Adhesive: Hotmelt
Liner: siliconized paper



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Grösse15 × 15 × 5 cm